High level of reliability


Order number

Cutting capacity in mm


K-tronic semi-automatic control

Dimensions of the sawblade

Drive via three-phase motor (controlled electronically)

Cutting speed

Driven chip cleaning brush

Cooling system

Working height

Dimensions (L × W × H)

Total weight


300 mm

300 x 300 mm


3950 × 34 × 1.1 mm

3.0 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz

15 - 100 m/min


water cooling system

730 mm

2000 × 1100 × 1510 mm

850 kg




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Delivering sawing solutions since 1928.

Quality made in Germany.

KLAEGER bitron twin-pillar technology: Sheer high performance!


A high-quality product from German mechanical engineering.


Due to its design, the twin-pillar range is ideally suited to small batches and single cuts when high standards of reliability and accuracy are demanded. Even the most difficult materials are separated with ease, precision and very smooth running.


K-tronic semi-automatic control: developed by Klaeger, built by Klaeger.

Ultra compact twin-pillar range

Suitable for single cut and series production sawing

Suitable for even the most difficult materials

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