38 models of sawing machines in stock

Only at Klaeger can you find the highest technology applied to a full range of sawing machines: from the smallest solution to automated plants, we design and manufacture every machine with the same painstaking attention to detail

4 successful applications in the 3D segment

Clever solutions purposely designed to finish innovative 3d products with impressive quality and surprising cost-efficiency

14 types of selected blades in stock

Our top quality blades enhance the potential of your sawing machine: find the best one for you among the ones we stock, or inform us as to any special requirements you may have and we shall provide you with the blade you need

56 years old and still in top shape

The seniority award for the machine with the longest working life goes to a specimen which began functioning in 1964 and is still in perfect working order: when we say our machines are built to last, we mean it, and facts prove our point

Over 90 years in business

Founded in 1928 by Hermann Klaeger with the auspicious name “Fortuna Cold Saw Factory”, for the past 90 years our company has provided high quality solutions in the sawing sector.

Following its foundation the company grew, overcoming the difficulties of the wartime period and earning an excellent reputation in Germany and abroad.

Now Klaeger is ready to face the challenges of Industry 4.0 with a wide range of products; vertical and horizontal sawing machines have been joined by solutions designed specifically for the additive manufacturing segment.

New design skills for complex plants

In 2019 Klaeger joined the Istech Group and can now take advantage of its 25 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing complex, fully automated solutions, perfectly compliant with the principles of Industry 4.0.

Our solutions now offer an even broader range: a welcome addition to satisfy even the most demanding clients, accustomed to the quality provided by a German company.

A constant commitment to clients’ satisfaction

Many things have changed in these decades: keeping abreast of technological progress and in partnership with the academic world – most recently, with the University of Stuttgart – we succeeded in developing solutions which are increasingly efficient and at the same time safe and user-friendly.

Some aspects of our activity always remain the same, though: our capability of understanding our clients’ needs and of providing reliable, high-quality solutions manufactured with the greatest attention to detail.

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