The most prominent German and international manufacturing concerns use our sawing machines, but you don’t need to be a huge multinational to join the club of our satisfied customers: our range of fixed, manual or hydraulic table vertical sawing machines includes top-notch solutions for smaller scale productions.

Hydraulic table vertical saws

Four sturdy machines to choose from, for cutting widths from 400 to 1100 mm and variable length, with table stroke from 260 to 1050 mm.

Electronically controlled speed and hydraulic feed control ensure perfectly uniform and repeatable cuts.

Manual table vertical saws

For items from 400 to 600 mm wide and varying length, our manual table vertical bandsaws are ideal: the material may be fed into the machine using the manual table with hand wheel or linear guides, with table stroke between 260 and 500 mm.

Fixed table vertical saws

Available in four sizes, our fixed table vertical bandsaws allow you to cut items between 400 and 1100 mm wide. Choose the right size and start cutting right away: compact and easy to use, our machines cut to length, notch, separate and test different types of materials, not just steel rods.

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