Actron 265 DG

KLAEGER actron semi-automatic machines: extremely user-friendly!

Comfort is the highest priority. Mitring adjustment can be completed in a few seconds. Economic sawing can only be achieved with high performance. actron – truly in a class of its own.

Despite their small dimensions actron bandsaws produce outstanding cutting performance: they are quality bandsaws for all applications. The stable and large frame bearings and the highly stable saw frame of actron bandsaws enable extremely precise
sawing processes.
Quick and convenient cutting, especially sawing of multiple units of smaller cross sections: the solution is actron!
Sawing at the push of a button – it doesn’t get any easier!


Machine features

  • Actron 265 G: mitring adjustment super fast from 90°-30° right
  • Actron 265 DG: mitring adjustment super fast from 90°-45° left and right
  • Highly stable sawing frame with precise blade guide
  • Outstanding cutting capacity
  • Intuitive operation with semi-automatic control
  • Powerful performance at the push of a button, also for mitring of the material
  • All machine functions on a clearly structured operating console
  • Ideal for the fastest sawing processes and also particularly  suitable for small cross sections
  • Automatic lifting of the saw frame with adjustable lifting height

Cutting capacity

Cutting capacity90°75° le./ri.60° le./ri.45° le./ri.30° left
300x 150280x 150250x 150200x 100130x 100

Technical data

Motor power 2,0 Kw
Power input 5,1 A
Cutting speed 15 – 100 m/min. controlled electronically
Operation voltage 400 Volt 50 Hz three phase current
Working height 950 mm (650 mm only on request)
Sawband dimensions 3280 x 27 x 0,9 mm
Dimensions HxWxD 1610 x 930 x 1400 mm (1100mm)
Total weight 410 kg

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